Koshiki Islands

location_onKAGOSHIMA, Hokusatsu

In the East China Sea, 30km west of the Satsuma Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture, lie the beautiful Koshiki Islands. The island chain includes three major inhabited islands, Kami-koshiki, Naka-koshiki, and Shimo-koshiki, which are connected by two bridges, and numerous uninhabited islands. The Koshiki Islands are part of the Koshikishima Quasi-National Park and boast a great variety of stunning sceneries and dynamic landscapes.

The Koshiki Islands can be easily reached from the mainland by high-speed boat or ferry. The sea voyage is surely a magnificent part of the trip, but the real highlights are the blue sea, green mountains, delicious local cuisine, and the friendly Islanders that will welcome you warmly. Each island has a different geography and unique geological features, such impressive cliffs that formed 80 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your time on the Koshiki Islands. Join a cruise around the islands or go sea kayaking to take in the views from a different perspective. Discover fascinating historical sites and try the many local delicacies, including fresh seafood. The Koshiki Islands are renowned for trawling various kinds of fish, in particular kibinago, also known as silver-stripe round herring.
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