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Kagoshima Custom Tour with Private Car and Driver

Discover the sights of Kagoshima that interest you the most on this customizable sightseeing tour. Alongside your private driver and guide, make an itinerary of your desired attractions or get recommendations to create your perfect day.

Duration: 6 hours
a group for 1-2 ppl:JPY100,000〜

  • Discover the sights of Kagoshima that interest you the most on this customizable sightseeing tour. Alongside your private driver and guide, make an itinerary of your desired attractions or get recommendations to create your perfect day.
  • Whether you want to focus on samurai, culture, shopping, or Japanese history, this tour has everything covered for you.
  • We are a travel agency registered with the Governor of Kagoshima Prefecture, No. 3-280, with detailed local information on Kagoshima.
    We are covered by Special Travel Compensation Insurance, Travel Agent Liability Insurance, and Travel Accident Countermeasure Expense Insurance.

What to Expect

  • 01. Sengan-en

    [ 1 hour~2.5hour ] Admission Ticket Not Included

    Sengan-en is a Japanese style stately home and landscape garden along the coast north of downtown Kagoshima.
    Sengan-en was built in 1658 as one of the residences of the powerful Shimadzu clan. One of the garden’s most striking features is its use of active volcano Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay as borrowed scenery. The gardens cover 50,000 square meters and include calming ponds, bubbling streams, mysterious shrines, a bamboo grove, and a mountain hiking trail. Visit Tsurugane Shrine and pray to become more beautiful, or the unusual Cat Shrine and pray for the health and longevity of your feline friend! The expansive house provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of one of Japan’s most influential feudal lords, and hosted Edward VIII of the UK and Nicholas II of Russia among others. See the rooms that the lord spent his daily life in and enjoy the view of the gardens and scenery beyond as only a samurai lord could.

  • 02. Shiroyama Observatory

    [ 30minutes ] Admission Ticket Free

    Shiroyama (“Castle Mountain”) is a 107-meter hill located in the center of Kagoshima city. Its name comes from the fact that it was once the site of a castle. The 2-kilometer promenade to the observatory is filled with more than 600 species of plants. Though located in an urban area, it is a treasure trove of nature populated by many birds and insects. The observatory located at the end of the promenade is a magnificent photo spot overlooking Mt. Sakurajima and Kinko Bay.

  • 03. Yunohira Observatory

    [ 20minutes ] Admission Ticket Free

    The observatory is located at the fourth station, 373 m above sea level, on the North Peak of Sakurajima. This is the highest point of Sakurajima accessible to the public. You will be impressed by the view of the rough surface of the smoking South Peak where. This is one of the must-see spots in Sakurajima.
    From the observatory you can see the mirror-like surface of tranquil Kinko Bay and the urban district of Kagoshima City below. You can also see the Kirishima mountain chain in the north and beautiful Mount Kaimon in the south.
    If you find the seven heart marks hidden in the observatory, somehing good might happen to you.
    There is a bus stop for the Sakurajima Island View buses that make a loop trip in west area of Sakurajima.

  • 04. Tenmonkan

    [ 30minutes ] Admission Ticket Free

    “The name “”Tenmonkan”” comes from an astronomical institute called Meijikan built by the Satsuma domain in the Edo period. Tenmonkan, the largest amusement district in Southern Kyushu, has many restaurants and cafés offering popular items such as Kurobuta pork cutlet, Kurobuta pork shabu-shabu and Shirokuma shaved ice (shaved ice with syrup and fruit). There are also places to shop including souvenir shops, boutiques and a department store. The street has an arcade so you can enjoy a meal and shopping even on rainy days.

  • 05. Terukuni Shrine

    [ 30minutes ] Admission Ticket Free

    In Japan, shrines are dedicated to gods and actually exshisted people. Terukuni Shrine is an example which dedicates to Shimazu Nariakira, the 28th lord of the Satsuma Clan.
    This is the largest shrine in Kagoshima visited by many worshipers. The shrine was destroyed in an air raid during World War II and was rebuilt in 1958. When you go through the huge torii gate, you will see a tree trimmed in a beautiful crane shape and the Shimadzu family’s emblem, a cross within a circle, on the buildings.
    During the Rokugatsudo Lantern Festival (a summer festival) held every July, different colored lanterns are displayed in the precinct and many visitors attend.

  • 06. Saraku Sand Bath Hall

    [ 1hour ] Admission Ticket Not Included

    Hot Sand Baths One of the most unique natural health and beauty treatments in the world today! Loved by local people for over 350 years, our hot sand baths are great for body detoxification and increased circulation, which are now known to be 3-4 times greater than those of conventional hot-springs. Lying on the hot sand, with the sound of the sea in the background, is a relaxation that you will not soon forget. It will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed, with body and mind cleansed and a smile on your face.

  • 07. Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots

    [ 1hour ] Admission Ticket Not Included

    Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots (Chiran Peace Museum) A Testament to the Importance of Worldwide Peace To tell a true story for future generations and to wish for eternal world peace, the Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots collects, preserves, and displays the belongings, final letters, and documents which were left behind by the members of the army special attack corps, who died at the battle of Okinawa at the end of the Greater East Asia War (called the Pacific War after rhw war). Each of the farewell notes and relics displayed show the absurdity of war as well as the pilot’s feelings, and make us recall the importance of peace, our lives, and family bonds. Chiran is a town in which the army’s special air attack base was located toward the end of the Pacific War. At the Chiran Peace Museum, valuable records and materials, such as deceased soldiers’ portraits and their belongings, are collected, preserved and displayed.

  • 08. Chiran Samurai Residence Garden

    [ 30 minutes ] Admission Ticket Not Included

    Chiran Samurai Residence Complex Nicknamed the “Little Kyoto of Satsuma”, Chiran is home to more than 500 samurai residences during the late Edo period (19th century). As the original buildings of the complex are well-preserved, one can get to witness a real, Edo Period Samurai settlement here. The charm of the Chiran Samurai Residence Complex lies in the 700m stonewall-lined paths, the scattered Samurai houses and the beautifully landscaped gardens within. Built with defense purposes in mind, the paths are neither too wide nor too narrow, and there are many corners and bents to reduce visibility (of potential invaders). Furthermore, the hedges (behind the stone walls of the houses) are pruned in such a way that one inside the house can see the outside clearly, but not the other way round. As such, it is possible to ambush invaders with arrows and spears without exposing one’s location.

  • 09. Marutake Industry (The home of Japan’s historic armor craftsmanship)

    [ 1hour ] Admission Ticket Free

    Marutake Armor Factory, which was renovated and reopened in 2018, is a beautiful location with a large Japanese castle and garden on the inside. In the workshop, you can see numerous armor and helmets used in movies and TV shows, as well as see the craftsmen at work! There are numerous photo opportunities throughout the park, and you can even borrow armor and pretend to be a great warlord from the Sengoku period. The park also has a classic cork gun game, souvenir stores selling Japanese Samurai products, and a restaurant, ensuring that you have many thrilling moments throughout your visit!

  • 10. Chin Jukan Toen

    [ 1hour ] Admission Ticket Not Included

    Kiln of the 15th Chin Jukan From the 1st Chin Jukan though the current 15th, this Satsuma ware kiln has kept its fire burning. The 15th Chin Jukan produces a wide variety of distinctive yet traditional Shiro Satsuma and Kuro Satsuma works ranging from everyday items to tea ceremony instruments. From the other side of a window, you can observe a room divided neatly for each part of the process of making Satsuma ware. The repository displays works handed down through the Chin family from the time they came from Korea to today. The Miyama area, which is home to the kiln, has a long history of producing Satsuma ware. Nowadays, the area is dotted with craftsmen’s studios within walking distance of each other, making for a pleasant stroll through town.

  • 11. Mars Tsunuki Distillery

    [ 1hour ] Admission Ticket Free

    At the Mars Tsunuki Distillery you can see the old still tower buildings, and the stone barrel warehouse, as well as take a tour of the production process, and see the history of Honbo Shuzo’s story of liquor making. At the old Honbo family guest house called ‘Hojo’ built in 1933, you can enjoy a traditional Japanese residence and its garden which changes its appearance season to season, day to day, moment to moment. Whisky and shochu tasing is available for a fee, and liquor and a selection of original products, and local products are available at the gift shop.

Duration 6 hours
What’s Included ・Customizable tour of 3-4 sites selected from your “What to Expect” list
・Fuel Fees, Toll Fees, Parking Fees,vehicle
・Private transportation
What’s not Included ・Other personal expenses
・Meal expenses for yourself and guide and driver
・Sakurajima Ferry Boarding Fee and Vehicle Fare
・All admission fees
・Lunch, drink, chip, highway toll
Guide Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish
Minimum number of participants 1
Maximum number of participants 100
Pickup points ・Marine Port Kagoshima
・Kagoshima Main Port North Pier (Kagoshima Honko Kitafuto)
・I’ll decide later             
Departure points ・Marine Port Kagoshima
・Kagoshima Main Port North Pier (Kagoshima Honko Kitafuto)   
Ending points ・Marine Port Kagoshima
・Kagoshima Main Port North Pier (Kagoshima Honko Kitafuto)
Accessibility ・Not wheelchair accessible
・Near public transportation
・Infant seats available
Additional Info ・Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
・No heart problems or other serious medical conditions
・Most travelers can participate
・Natural Sand Bath Center ‘Saraku’  Those with symptoms of high blood pressure (180/100 mmHG or more), heart disease, arrhythmia, angina pectoris, lung disease, pregnancy, inflammation, and fever cannot bathe. Refrain from drinking alcohol before bathing.
・This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate
Cancellation Policy

Date of cancellation request received by us: Cancellation Charge
11 or more days prior to the tour/ experience: No charge
8 to 10 days prior to the tour/ experience: 20% of the total cost
2 to 7 days prior to the tour/ experience: 30% of the total cost
1 day prior to the tour/ experience: 40% of the total cost
On the day of the tour / experience: 50% of the total cost
No show or after the commencement of the tour/ experience: 100% of the total cost

In the event of a cancellation request any refund will be remitted to your bank account after deducting the following fees; cancellation charge as applicable, bank handling/wire transfer charges. It is likely to take about 3-4 weeks to process under normal circumstances.

The date and time of cancellation will be based on Japan Standard Time only when a notice is received by Plein LLC. regardless of when the notice was sent by the customer.

Changing the date of a tour / experience
A request for any change in the date or number of the attendees for your tour/ experience may be sent at least 3 full days prior to date of the tour/ experience. Please send your request for any change by email (info@tabikago.jp). Please note that your request will be subject to availability and there is no guarantee that such changes can be accepted unless it is confirmed by Plein LLC.. Once the change is confirmed, any additional charges must be settled in accordance with the email confirmation sent by Plein LLC.. Any refunds will be subject to the cancellation policy above. In the event your requested change cannot be accepted, you may cancel your reservation thereafter subject to the cancellation policy.

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