A high-quality journey that will move your heart.

A high-quality journey
that will move your heart.

“Tabikago” offers tours with stories that allow you to experience Kyushu’s history, culture, food, connections with people.
This is a private tour for you, your family, or friends.

We aim to provide stress-free travel.
“Tabikago guide” will pick you up at the Kagoshima Airport arrival gate, Kagoshima Chuo Station ticket gate, or hotel lobby.
Your luggage will be stored in a private vehicle with you and transported to your final destination.
This is a new way to enjoy traveling door-to-door without using public transportation.


  • trip

    Tailor-made travel planning service

  • apartment

    Hotel reservation arrangement

  • restaurant

    Arranging reservations for activities and restaurants

  • emoji_transportation

    Arranging a guide
    or driver



I am a descendant of the Shimazu family, which ruled Kagoshima Prefecture for over 700 years.

The Shimadzu family is a famous family that has appeared many times in Japanese history.
My great great grandmother, Iwa Shimadzu, is the niece of the drama “Atsuhime”, which aired on Japanese national television for one year. This drama has been widely aired overseas, and many people have visited Kagoshima after watching this drama.

I personally love traveling and have visited many different countries. I started my current job of producing travel based on the experiences and impressions I had at that time.

Most of Kagoshima’s historical festivals originate from the history of the Shimadzu family.
I would like to tell you such stories and special stories that only the Shimadzu family members of the princess drama “Atsuhime” would know.

So far, we have given lectures to over 10,000 people at culture schools in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka, and guided VIPs from overseas.

We offer experiences where you can immerse yourself in famous places where you can enjoy Japan’s rich four seasons and beautiful scenery that meets your needs.
Currently, as the only precious guide in Kagoshima, we are conducting private tours escorted by a private car.

We will continue to work with local people to produce sustainable travel in order to pass on Kagoshima’s history, culture, and traditions to the next generation.
We look forward to meeting you all.

Tadayuki Shimadzu


  • STEP01:Consult using the form

    Consult using the form

    First, please contact us using the “Request Form” button. A dedicated coordinator will contact you.

  • STEP02:Hearing


    Please tell our dedicated coordinator about your requests, general idea of your trip, and requests.

  • STEP03:Plan proposal

    Plan proposal

    We will propose an original private plan based on your requests via email or phone. Please feel free to contact us as many times as you like until we can create a trip that meets your needs.

  • STEP04:Application and payment

    Application and payment

    The contract will be concluded by filling out the application form and making the payment. Please note that once a travel contract has been concluded, cancellation and change fees stipulated by our company may apply.

  • STEP05:A journey just for you

    A journey just for you

    Enjoy your own wonderful journey on the day.