Saraku Sand Bath Hall

location_onKAGOSHIMA, Ibusuki Area

"Suna-mushi" is a method of bathing that entails visitors soaking themselves in hot sand heated by a hot spring that emerges from the seashore.
Since about 300 years ago, this Japanese-style sauna has been popular among the locals.
You can enjoy the sand bath by simply wearing a yukata (Japanese casual kimono) after registering at the front desk. Then, lie down on your back, where the staff will guide you and pour hot sand over your yukata. As the sand is very hot, approximately 55 degrees Celsius, you will be sweating all over your body after a few minutes. The relaxing environment is a unique experience, and you can detoxify your body from the bottom of your heart while listening to the sound of the waves.

Upon completing the Suna-mushi sand bath, take a shower to remove the sand, and then relax in the Onsen. Experience a refreshing and refreshing feeling by sweating profusely in this world's most unusual bathing method.
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