Kiln of Chin Jukan

location_onKAGOSHIMA, Nakasatsuma (Central Satsuma)

Kiln of the 15th Chin Jukan From the 1st Chin Jukan though the current 15th, this Satsuma ware kiln has kept its fire burning. The 15th Chin Jukan produces a wide variety of distinctive yet traditional Shiro Satsuma and Kuro Satsuma works ranging from everyday items to tea ceremony instruments. From the other side of a window, you can observe a room divided neatly for each part of the process of making Satsuma ware. The repository displays works handed down through the Chin family from the time they came from Korea to today. The Miyama area, which is home to the kiln, has a long history of producing Satsuma ware. Nowadays, the area is dotted with craftsmen's studios within walking distance of each other, making for a pleasant stroll through town.
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