Chiran Samurai Residence Garden

location_onKAGOSHIMA, Nansatsu (Southern Satsuma)

Chiran Samurai Residence Complex Nicknamed the "Little Kyoto of Satsuma", Chiran is home to more than 500 samurai residences during the late Edo period (19th century). As the original buildings of the complex are well-preserved, one can get to witness a real, Edo Period Samurai settlement here. The charm of the Chiran Samurai Residence Complex lies in the 700m stonewall-lined paths, the scattered Samurai houses and the beautifully landscaped gardens within. Built with defense purposes in mind, the paths are neither too wide nor too narrow, and there are many corners and bents to reduce visibility (of potential invaders). Furthermore, the hedges (behind the stone walls of the houses) are pruned in such a way that one inside the house can see the outside clearly, but not the other way round. As such, it is possible to ambush invaders with arrows and spears without exposing one's location.
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